Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sara Bear Diaper Caddies: Containing Diaper Change Clutter

When I had my first child, I decked myself out with a fully stocked changing table. I even created my own custom cover for the changing pad itself. I used it once. After that, I realized it was just easier to keep a basket with all my essentials and just change the boys on a blankie on the floor.

The minute I saw the diaper caddies by Sara Bear, I had changing basket envy.

The baskets have a central storage area to hold bigger items like diaper wipe containers, toys, and blankets. Five sturdy fabric designers hold smaller items in place.
Their collection of adorable liners make it easy to fit your nursery decor.

The sturdy design of the basket itself makes it perfect to tote from nursery to living room to playroom and back again.

The Sara Bear diaper caddies make it high on my list for baby shower gifts this season! Stock one up with some baby supplies and it will be a sure audience pleaser.

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