Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Original Little Sprout: Taming the Tangles

I admit it. I hate my hair. I have ultra-fine, ultra-limp hair. Until the advent of "product" I couldn't get it to do anything. Now with a little chemical assistance I can pull off a stylin' hairstyle for about five minutes.

Much to my delight at about six months one of the boys' hair popped up with a flurry of curls that I had been trying to achieve for my entire life. Wouldn't you know that there is a downside of such gorgeous curls? Tangles, lots of little tangles. The kind of tangles that a comb has no hope of getting through without tears following.

We tried every detangler we could find at the store - most helped a little but combing was still a frustrating time for both of us.

I finally stumbled upon, the Children's Miracle Detangler by The Original Little Sprout, which has tamed the mane! It's name says it all -- this is the best detangler I have come across! The unique quick release formula works on even the toughest of tangles and has turned this once dreaded time into a fun playtime with little B. He loves to hold the bottle as a comb out the tangles and when we hit a bad one eagerly offers up the spray to solve the problem area.

One thing that is missing in the Children's Miracle Detangler formula is the formaldehyde that is found in most other detangler's! For use on either wet or dry hair and has a just washed feeling.

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