Friday, April 13, 2007

Hand Picked Pumpkin: Ready for Summer

I decided it was time to visit some of my favorite websites that we've previously reviewed to see what they have in line for Spring / Summer.

First up is Handpicked Pumpkin, which creates custom designed, hand sewn baby clothing. The best part of Handpicked Pumpkin is that they allow mom or dad to select color combinations or specific fabrics themselves for a completely customized look for your little.
Up for Spring are 9 new styles ready for the upcoming warm weather. The new spring styles are perfect for mixing and matcing in today's popular color combos full of pinks, blues, and browns. All of the pieces are constructed with 100% cotton fabrics so they are designed to be played in, machine washed and played in again. Perfect for everyday wear!

See our review of Handpicked Pumpkin here.

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