Tuesday, May 01, 2007

VedaPURE: Calming Natural Skincare for Busy Moms

Today's busy lifestyles take a lot out of us. We often seek to replenish our bodies and faces with products full of chemicals and dyes. I love the line of gentle, natural skincare products by vedaPURE.

veduPure has created a collection of skincare products created by one of New York City's Top Doctors, Dr. Natalie Geary. Its specially developed lines for moms, dudes, and babies use the ancient Ayurveda principles of balance and health and herbal remedies for calming and soothing.

New just in time for Mother's day is the luxurious "New Mama" gift set which includes several of their most popular products for mom and baby. Each set includes their vedaBaby Soothe Body Cream which is perfect for everyday care of tender baby skin, vedaMama Refresh Body Cream to help reduce lines and stretch marks, vedaMama Supple Stretch Mark Cream to reduce the appearance of pregnancy related stretch marks, vedaMama Purify Detoxifying Body Cream to restore the elasticity of mom's skin, and vedaMam Relax Body Cream to refresh your skin with a rich moisturizing cream.

Each product has a fresh, natural scent without the extra preservatives and steroids found in many other skincare lines. The vedaPure products are 100% natural, free of animal and petroleum-based ingredients, artificial dyes and fragrance. In place of the artificial ingredients, vedaPure utilizes essential oils extracted from plants, leaves, and other naturally exiting products.

The perfect Mother's Day gift for all the new moms and moms-to-be in your life!

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