Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Parent Apology Cards to Help You Apologize for Anything Your Child Does

One thing every new parent finds out is that you have to apologize for your growing child - A LOT. You will find yourself uttering apologies to the waitress, the babysitter, the people waiting with you in line, and even your own family.

A sample of what you can expect:

With extreme awkwardness and no small amount of embarrassment, we would like to apologize for destroying your restaurant. We know it looks as if a disgruntled hard rock band just left, but, the truth is, we're only an average family. If, during the excavation, you find you need to call in the HazMat crew, please do send us the bill. Again, we are sorry and promise not to return with our baby for at least the next few months.

The New Parent Apology Cards by The Organized Parent are perfect for just those moments when a standard apology just won't do.

Available at The Organized Parent for $9.95.

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