Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just Too Cute: Whimsical Lighting for a Children's World

Children's rooms should be full of whimsy and imagaination. Parents carefully select the perfect color, furniture, bedding, and accessories to foster their little one's imaginations and creativity.

The lamps created by Just Too Cute are the ideal accessories to add the extra touch of whimsy for your child's room. From their handpainted bases to their carefully selected fabrics on their shades. These lamps add an element of whimsy and texture to the room around them.

Born from a home schooling mom's need for a creative outlet and an immediate financial need, Just Too Cute, has grown into "the" high-end decorative accessories for Hollywood nurseries.

These heirloom quality treasures are true pieces of art that are top quality full of whimsical creativity and innovation. Whether it's their Aladin collection, their tea collection (pictured), their ballerina collection, their cowboy collection, or their froggy collection (pictured) you can find a special treasure for your own little ones room.

Available at fine retailers around the US and select online retailers such as Poshtots.

Lamps by Just Too Cute were scooped up by Celebrity Moms at the recent Golden Globe Boom Room.

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