Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tricky & Titch: Playsuits Designed for Playing!

Being a mom that lives in a cold winter climate, I love one-piece playsuits. They eliminate the exposed belly or back that seems to happen everytime you lift the baby in and out of the car, stroller, etc. and they eliminate the need to dress baby in a variety of layers.

Tricky & Titch has the cutest playsuits that I've come across in quite some time.

Tricky & Titch's designs were created by a couple of new parents that were inspired by their own little little one to create a line of baby clothing that combines an grown-up sense of style with a child's sense of play. The style of the line is totally unique combining the owners roots from London to Montreal with many travels in between. The clothes have a definite metropolitan feel and a true sense of quality that comes from a company that takes pride in their products.

The playsuits are designed with playing in mind -- which is one thing some designers forget in their design of children's clothes. These are playsuits that are perfect for the baby on the go and will easily transition from playtime to naptime to cuddle time without multiple clothing changes in between.

They also have a full line of shirts, onsies, hats, blankets, and gift sets. Check out Tricky & Titch to see their full line.

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