Friday, November 10, 2006

Bella Tunno: Baby Basics with Chichi Flair

Just because they are designed to get dirty doesn't mean your baby basics need to be plain. Bella Tunno has created a line of baby bibs, burp cloths, and changing pads with extra special flair.
Rather than a run of the mill bib, their bibs are created out of colorful fabrics in unique prints. They are designed not only to protect your baby's clothing, but enhance it as the perfect baby accessory. Each bib features a stylish front backed with coordinating coruroy or plush terry velour. They have an extended velcro closure that will allow them to grow with your child.

Bella Bibs are oversized compared to what is commonly available at 9"x15" which makes standard bibs look wimpy in comparison.

For a nominal fee, you can have your bib personalized with the child's name or monogram and would make an ideal gift. My personal favorite is their cow print!

Another great product they have to offer are their "Binkers". Now your baby can hold onto their binky in style!

If you've ever had to go back through a store or dig in the dark in a car for the beloved binky, you know how great this product can be. The Bella Binker is a stylish pacifier clip that allows you to attach baby's binky directly to their outfit. They are available in 30 grosgrain ribbon selections so you can get one to coordinate with baby's stylish ensemble.

Bella Tunno is a celebrity gift bag favorite and has appeared in both the 2005 Golden Globes Boom Boom Room and in the 2006 MTV Movie Awards Movie Awards Style Lounge.

View their complete line at Bella Tunno.

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