Thursday, November 09, 2006

7AM Enfant: A Warm Spot for the Baby on the Go

The winter months bring the constant challenge of keeping your baby protected from the elements. 7 A.M Enfant has developed a line of products that are perfect for the winter ahead. Their baby bundles sacs are their primary products and are perfect for toting or strolling in the city. The sacs are very similar to a small, portable sleeping bag with a soft interior and a protective exterior.

7AM products come in a varity of vibrant and classic colors. Their popular Igloo line features a five-point harness opening to make it easy to safely attach the sac to any standard stroller or carseat. 7 AM takes great care in creating a quality product. They use the finest materials with a water-repellent shell to protect your baby on your outdoor excursions while keeping them toasty and warm.

The 7 AM Igloo is also a favorite among celebrity moms -- Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were recently photographed walking with Matilda bundled up in a 7 AM Enfant Le Sac Igloo.

You can purchase their products on their website or at Barneys, high-end baby boutiques, and outdoor retailers throughout the US and Canada.


Anonymous said...

7 A.M. ENFANT's "Sac igloo" and "Blanket 212" are fantastic!!
My husband an I highly recommend their last LS500 convertible into a single stroller cove. We love them and use them all the time for our twins Lia and Manu.
Check their site
Have a warm winter!

Anonymous said...

We went out with the stroller every day, even in the coldest weather, and my daughter was always warm and dry in the 7am Enfant bunting. The best part of it was that I never had to put her in a bulky snowsuit. She was fine in a sweater and hat then zipped her in! LOVE this product. Every single time I used it, people would ask about it. We live in Canada so our "sac igloo" was a lifesaver!