Friday, September 28, 2007

Ubi: Modern Changing Tables for Modern Families

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of changing tables. I did purchase one with my oldest son and I literally changed one diaper there. I personally preferred a mobile changing station that would go with me wherever the baby and I were in the house. The downside of a mobile station is that you and baby are down on the floor using whatever blanket and open space you can find at that moment.

The new modern changing table from Ubi is the perfect solution. The Ubi is designed to be used on the floor. Its sleek and stylish design is available in a selection of retro mod inspired designs and two wood finishes (cherry and natural). The top is upholstered with an anti-microbial surface that just wipes clean.

Attention has been paid to safety with a built in fastener to keep baby in place during diaper changes. Plus there is less fall risk than traditional changing tables as baby is inches off the floor instead of several feet in the air.

Available in two models the "basic" for $89 and the "deluxe" for $119. The difference is the built in diaper dispenser in the deluxe model. Just load it with 8 - 10 diapers and a new one pops into place after each change.

The Ubi is currently available at select retailers and at

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