Saturday, September 01, 2007

Meet Sparrow: Oeuf NYC's Moderately Priced Collection

Celebrity parents have long been fans of the classic modern collection by Oeuf NYC. Tori Spelling and Meg Ryan both selected cribs from Oeuf for their nurseries. Tori's crib was recently featured in Liam's introduction to the public in US Weekly Magazine. The designs by Oeuf combine the aspects of simple, classic design with a modern twist.

Now Oeuf has introduced a collection of more moderately priced nursery and kids bedroom furniture called Sparrow. The collection has the same focus on quality and safety as the original collection just at a lower prices to make it accessible to more modern parents. The collection features a crib, twin bed, dresser, optional changing table for use with the crib or dresser, nightstand, and wardrobe in a subtle color palette that allow your child's room fit in seamlessly today's parents modern tastes.

The Sparrow collection was created to appeal to the current generation of design-conscious and environmentally aware parents. The collection is full of minimalist details that offers kids a few solid pieces of modern furniture that can easily age from nursery to toddler to childhood to the teen years. Just swap out the accessories and Sparrow will grow with your child.

Check out the original classic collection or the new Sparrow collection at

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