Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Biome 5: Eco-friendly Tees for Animal Lovers

I have been blessed with a child who loves animals and nature. Many kids like animals, my son LOVES them. He watches animal documentaries and tells the biologists at the zoo all of the animal facts they attempt to teach him. The library at his school started special ordering books to feed his interest. He's planning to be an animal rescuer when he grows up. He truly loves animals and nature.

So when I discovered the tees by BioMe5, I was absolutely thrilled. The BioMe5 alphabet shirts are all inspired by the Earth's biomes (deserts, grasslands, aquatics, forests, etc.). The collection (A - Z) is full of vibrant colors, super-size letters, and awesome animal graphis showing the residents of the various biomes.

Designed by two architectural designers in Venice, California, the tees capture the world from the child's perspective. The animal names on the shirts are even upside down, so the child can read what they say as they wear them!

Each tees is constructed from certified organic cotton and shipped in biodegradable plastic bags.

Available in sizes from 2T - 6T. (I'm crossing my fingers that they start making the tees for older kids.)

They have just released a long-sleezed version of the tees just in time for fall.

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