Sunday, August 19, 2007

Skip*Hop Playspots: A Funky, Playful, Playmat

If you are a fan of quality baby products, you have almost certainly heard of New York based Skip*Hop. While they are best known for their innovative diaper bags -- the duo, dash, and double -- they have just introduced a new playmat system that is stylish, comfy, and safe for today's babies.

The Skip*Hop Playspot is the modern parents answer to those snap-together plastic floor grids that you find at the discount store. Available in three stylish color combos: pink and brown, blue and gold, and brights. The Playspot is the perfect accessory for your child's play area or nursery. I bought one for our playroom in the basement and the colors are amazing!

The Playspot is designed for easy assembly with a unique connector system. The system comes with 20 tiles that can be configured in whatever way meets your size and space requirements.

It is constructed out of a innovated EVA foam surface which is cushy for little unstable bodies on the go. Skip*Hop has developed the system to be used for children of all ages (many other systems can only be used for kids 3+ due to the choking risks) and has tested the Playspot to the most rigorous safety standards.

With its modern design and grown up style, the Playspot will be at home in the playroom, bedroom, or even in the family room.

Available online at or at select retailers.

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