Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bellybars: Yummy Pre-Natal Snacking Treats

When I was expecting I couldn't stomach those huge pre-natal vitamins. I literally had morning sickness around the clock and the vitamins were one of the things that was sure to send me running for the bathroom. The only solution that seemed to work was to take two Scooby-doo vitamins to make sure I had the nutrients my body needed in a way that my body could tolerate.

Today there are more options available to make sure expectant mommies-to-be get all those precious vitamins and nutrients that they need. One of the

A new snack designed just for expectant mothers called Bellybars aims to give moms-to-be a healthy, all-natural nutrition bar designed for women's specific nutritional requirements before, during, and after pregnancy. Each pair is packed with essential pre-natal nutrients including protein, iron, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin B-6 in a much tastier variety than the standard pre-natal vitamin pill.

Currently available in four flavors: Mellow Oat, Berry Nut Cravings, Baby Needs Chocolate, and Burstin' Chocolate.

Bellybars have found their way into the snacking hands of Celebrity Moms or Moms-to-be including Marcia Cross, Tori Spelling, Bridget Moynahan, Lauren Ambrose, Brooke Shields and Melania Trump.

The bars retail for $1.99 each and are available at at Whole Foods and Babies R Us and online at

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