Sunday, August 19, 2007

LED Flashlights: A Thunderstorm Necessity

Last weekend we had a horrible thunderstorm that left trees and power lines down throughout my neighborhood. We were one of the lucky ones and we only without power for three days -- just across the street they were down for six days. The day after the power went down, we realized it was time for a long overdue trip to Target to re-stock are emergency supplies. A cart full of flashlights, bottled water, bandaids, batteries and beef jerky and we were good to go.

That night the boys decided that the flashlight was just about the best toy ever. Oooo.. look mom if I turn it off after telling ghost stories, I can make my little brother scream. Shadow animals on the wall. Big fun. Don't get me started on the fact that it was 95 degrees and we had no air conditioning for THREE DAYS!!!

So anyway, I was going through the vast backlog of email and was delighted to see this find from Coochicoos. A flashlight that can really be used as a toy without draining the batteries. These adorable LED pig flashlights don't use batteries, you just squeeze and pump the side lever for about 20 seconds to charge its batteries for 8 minutes worth of light.

Only $16 at Uncommon Goods

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