Thursday, March 01, 2007

Homemade Baby: Taking the Work Out of Homemade Baby Food

When I was a new mom with my first baby, I bought all of the stuff to make my own baby food. I frantically cooked up fresh fruit and vegetables carefully selected at the farmers market, used my food grinder, and stocked up food in little ice cube trays in the freezer every weekend. By the time I had the twins, I bought organic baby food at the store.

Homemade Baby has taken the hard work out of serving homemade baby food for your infant. Their foods are made daily from fresh ingredients in a selection of textures based on the age of your baby from "so smooth" for beginning feeders to "good mushy" in simple combos to "kinda mushy" for advanced feeders who can chew.

Homemade baby is perfect iff you want your baby to have the benefits of homemade baby food without the elbow grease and time involved in making your own.

Check their website to see where Homemade Baby is available at a retailer near you.


sarah said...

Making homemade baby food is not "hard work" - you can do it only 2 hours per month for maybe 2 months. Cook, mash, pour, freeze. Most babies are onto just mashed/shredded table foods. I made it for my twins and I probably saved $500 in baby food! I could not imagine paying for the Homemade Baby cubes for twins; just for the principle of it really!

I like Homemade Baby but please don't try to discourage others from making their own baby food by saying it's "Hard work".

Nice Blog too! :-)

Celebrity Moms said...

It's all a balance of what you have the time to do. I did make my own baby food when I had my oldest son, but by the time I had twins, a three year old, and a full-time consulting business it was too much "hard work" for me. I prefered to spend the extra time (which was more than 2 hours per month)on a trip to the zoo or playing at the park with my kids.

I definitely agree with the benefits of homemade baby food, and am presenting another option for those who want the benefits of natural homemade food and believe that they can't offer it to their babies because they don't have the time to make it themselvs.