Monday, March 05, 2007

Ellie Bellie Kids: Embracing the Spirit of Childhood

Childhood should be a time of imagination and whimsy.

Ellie Bellie Kids embraces the spirit of childhood with their unique line of tutus for your little princesses and capes for those super-heros in training.

Each Ellie Bellie Kids tutu is completely reversible so if your ballerina's favorite color is pink one day and green the next all you need to do is flip it over! The yards and yards of tulle give them a full, whimsical look -- and the only care needed is a periodically fluffing of the layers to keep the full effect.

The Ellie Bellie capes are perfect for little guys (or gals) who daydream about flying through the air and saving the world from bad guys. Instead of a household sheet or towel, you can get a perfectly sized cape custom made for your little super hero complete with their own initial. It's easy tie closure let's them outfit themselves in their secret hideouts and get ready to save the world. Moms only job is a periodic washing to keep the capes fresh and clean looking.

Check out the complete line of Ellie Bellie Kids to help nurture your child's imagination today!

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