Saturday, March 03, 2007

BabySpareWear: Because You Should Always Carry a Spare

One thing you learn as a new mom: you should always carry a spare. Even if it's just for a short trip out, for the first year you should always have extra everything with you -- especially a spare outfit. No matter what you do, your baby will have the inevitable on the go wardrobe emergencies.

BabySpareWear has come up with the ideal solution for the on the go emergency changes. Each fashion fix comes with both a long-sleeve and a short-sleeve tee along with a pair of coordinating pants. Not only will your baby be appropriately dressed no matter what the weather, since each pack is fashion coordinated they will look like they are wearing the outfit that they left the house wearing!

The fashion fix comes in their own sleek pouch that is perfect for tucking in the stroller bag, stroller, purse, car, or daycare cubby. I wish we would have had these packs when the twins were still in diapers!

The BabySpareWear packs are available up to size 4T. You can find their fashion fixes at select online retailers or at retailers near you.

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