Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Until Kara: Simple Oranic Burp Cloths

When I started shopping for my first baby, I collected all those "must have" lists and one of the items that confused me was the requisite cloth diapers. I was going to use disposable, why would I need cloth diapers?

As a new mom, I quickly found out how indespensible a simple pack of cloth diapers can be. They were perfect for quick cleanups, tossing over my shoulder for burp time, and pretty much every icky job you can imagine. They weren't pretty, but they sure got the job done.

We had two options when we bought our pack - Gerbers blue and Gerbers white.

Until Kara has created a line of organic cloth baby products including a super soft organic cotton burp cloth that any new mom could be proud to toss over her shoulder. These cloths are surprisingly soft with the feel of soft flannel.

If you are a fan of natural baby products, they have a coordinating line of baby blankets made of the same soft cotton fabric and are introducing a line of baby bedding this Spring. Until Kara's products are very reasonably priced. All products are created out of 100% Organic Cotton and are chemically free.

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