Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Twinkle-Kids: Taking Kids Tees to the Next Level

I admit it, I'm a crafter. I have a room, "my studio", that is filled with fabric and papers and all kinds of pretty things. The studio is my sanctuary and my happy place in a world full of energenic boys.

When I saw the tees by Twinkle-kids, the crafter in me was extremely impressed. Each of their adorable tees are created out of 100% cotton and embellished with soft wool felt. The felt gives the design an extra element of style and texture.

Twinkle-kids was created by two good friends and inspired by a set of Twins. "Twin"-kle kids is definitely inspired by a love of crafts and metropolitan tastes which are both evident in the quality and workmanship in their products.

Their styles are simple and stylish in a variety of today's popular color combos. Definitely check out their skyline tee, it's my personal favorite!

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