Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Knock Knock: Babysitter Prep Done Eay

The life of a soccer mom requires lists -- lots and lots of lists.

With Valentine's Day upon us, my husband and I are having one of our rare nights out. A night that doesn't involve a restaurant that stocks coloring books and crayons. Since we don't frequently use a nighttime babysitter, I have a new list to make.

Knock Knock has made my job much easier with their "Don't Kill the Kids and Other Babysitter Basics" pad.

Their pads put the humor and reality back into the lists that abound around our house. Instead of just the basics of where you'll be and how to contact you. You can let the sitter know if they should answer the phone or the door, any bedtime rituals that will make their life easier, any hot-button for your kids such as "fear of the dark" or "vegetable avoidance", and even has a place for the babysitter to rate your kids behavior and leave you any notes -- they can even indicate whether you should even bother to call them again.

They have lots of other pads to make your life easier including the "All out of" preprinted grocery list, "Do your chores", and "Checklist for leaving the house".

Just $6.99 for a pad of 60 make these pads a must have for the mommy on the go!

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