Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Made by Angie: Dressing Up Diaper Wipes

Just because diaper wipes are boring, doesn't mean the container you carry them around in has to be. Today's diaper bags are so stylish, it's time that the diaper wipes you carry inside your catch up with the times.

Made by Angie has created a line of chic diaper wipe cases that will ensure your diaper wipes are as stylish as you are. Their collection offers a wide variety of stylish fabric selections to go with whichever bag or purse you carry.

Their convenient size makes them an ideal stocking stuffer for the new parent or mom-to-be in your life. (Place your order by December 15th for holiday delivery!)

As many experienced moms will tell you, the need for diaper wipes can outlast the diaper wearing years. In our house, a case is stashed in each vehicle, bag, and bathroom. Made by Angie diaper wipe cases take the ordinary and make it stylish to fit today's moms!

See their entire collection at!

All orders through December 31, 2006 receive 20% off for extra holiday savings!

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