Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Susanne Maddux: Diaper Bags for Working Moms on the Go

During the daytime hours of the day when I am not writing or researching for this wonderful blog, I am a freelance business writer on the go meeting clients. My day includes bags, many bags. I leave the house every morning with a purse, a laptop case, a diaper bag, and three boys with backpacks. Finally, a company has come up with a way to streamline the amount of what I have to carry!

The minute I saw the Cosmo Tote by Susanne Maddux I wanted one. It is a diaper bag that is so much more than a diaper bag. The tote was designed by Susanne Pierce Maddux, an accomplished product designer who has done work for Apple Computer, Nike, and Sony, to meet the needs of today's mom on the go.

Susanne designed the bag after the birth of her son Cosmo when she decided to create the ultimate baby bag for the uncompromising fashion-savvy Mom. The Cosmo tote can rival many of today's handbags in the style department and comes with compartments for baby's must haves, such as bottle, changing pad, diapers, wipes as well as Mom's necessities like, cell phone, sunglasses and even a laptop. The tote comes in six fashionable color combinations and a nylon wipe and wash interior.

The Cosmo Tote can easily take today's mom from the park to the playgroup to the office and back home without compromising moms style. Check them out today at Susanne Maddux.

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