Sunday, September 10, 2006

New For Baby: The Hip Baby's First Wardrobe

It always comes down to the details. That's how you can tell if a baby product is really great. For New For Baby, the eye to detail is evident down to the packaging.

New for Baby has created a line of comfortable and hip baby clothing that is perfect for newborn life. The clothes are tag-free, come with snap closures for easy changes, and are ideal for mixing-and-matching. The best part is that New for Baby has been designed by two fashion savvy moms to truly fit the needs of newborn babies and moms.

The New for Baby deluxe gift set was included in the recent Emmy Awards gift bags. The deluxe gift set includes 15 of their most popular items packaged in an adorable pique garmet bag tied with a striped ribbon and is valued at $186. They also sell smaller gift sets which would make a perfect shower gift! Each gift set is available in boy (blue), girl (pink), or unisex (green) options.


Anonymous said...

I got a New for Baby first wardrobe for my neice -- she loved it. The clothes are high quality -- come in great color combinations and are totally unique. I only wish they were around when my 6 and 3 year olds were babies.

P's Mama said...

My cousin is due this spring with #1 and I'm sending her one of these. What a brilliant idea!

This site is very cool - less time for me to spend on the computer surfing around for what I'm looking for. I can see it all here in one place.

One suggestion (or request, really): I'm looking for a child-size table & chairs to put in our kitchen for my daughter and have had NO LUCK in finding something good-looking and functional. Any recommendations?

Celebrity Moms said...

Thanks! I'm trying to spend more time on this site. I get alot of baby products asking me to cover them on celeb-moms and I didn't want it to get bogged down. Plus as most moms find out, it's hard to find nice, quality baby items.

A couple questions on the table request... are you looking for something wood or plastic? What's your price range? I know of a couple of nice ones off the top of my head, but can see what other options there might me.

We personally have the Grace table by Jennifer Delonge in my studio and I love it, but it is a little modern looking and may not fit your decor. We also have a pottery barn table in my oldest son's room which I give high marks for since it has stood up to the abuse of three boys under the age of six much better than alot of kids furniture.