Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cariboo Bassinets: Welcoming Baby in Style

Every new baby needs a special home in those first few weeks (or months) home from the hospital. Many new parents opt to have a smaller bassinet that fits in either the nursery or the master bedroom for baby's first sleeping space.

Cariboo has created a distinctive line of stylish bassinets that easily fit into today's decor flawlessly. Their sleek modern deisgn is perfect for the most stylish home decor and their size allows them to fit into limited space. They even have a foldable design that allows for easy mobility.

The bassinets are incredibly popular with celebrity moms including Jennifer Garner who purchased one last winter for Violet. Mariska Hargitay also recently received one as a gift.

You can find Cariboo bassinets at many upscale baby boutiques or online retailers such as Modern Nursery and Babystyle

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