Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ellie Bellie Kids: Great Deals for Your Kids Imagination

Given the recent sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest it is hard to imagine that the warm days of summer will soon be approaching. Summer means days playing in the sunshine and embracing the spirit of childhood with my kids.

I was excited to find a new sale announcement in my inbox this afternoon from one of my favorite companies which is all about the spirit of childhood, Ellie Bellie Kids. For a limited time only, their adorable reversible tutus are on sale for $25 and their mini-messenger bags are reduced to $15.

With three boys, we don't get much use of out the tutus, but
my oldest son has used one of the Ellie Bellie Kids messenger bags for the past two summers as his hiking bag. Every weekend he totes it on our summer explorations and fills it to capacity with rocks, leaves, and every other treasure that captures the imagination of a true nature boy.

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Monique said...

The tutu's are adorable!