Monday, July 16, 2007

Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts: Whimsical Play Inspired Petticoats

The best part of childhood is the ability to live in a world of whimsy and dreams. Anything you want to be in life seems attainable. If you want to be a princess, all you need is a pretty dress and a crown made out of tin foil. If it's a superhero you desire, a towel tied around your shoulders brings its own superpowers.

Sometimes a really special dress up outfit is in order. The pettiskirts by Kaiya Eve Couture embrace the spirit of whimsical childhood and make-believe. Whether your daughter wants to be a ballerina or a princess, these pettiskirts are sure to fit the bill.

Kaiya Eve pettiskirts are each one-of-a kind based on vintage designs. The designs evoke a spirit of yesteryear and sunny afternoons spent playing in the sunshine. The pettiskirts are available in a variety of colors including rainbow, red, leopard, pink, white, turquoise, and black.

They are even machine washable making them ideal for play and wear throughout the year. The only challenge will be in getting your little girl to take off her pettiskirt come laundry day.

Kaiya Eve has gathered a broad celebrity mom following with Faith Hill, Molly Shannon, Adam Sandler, Debi Mazer, and Britney Spears all stocking up on the adorable pettiskirts. Dakota Fanning even wore one to the Teen Choice Awards.

Available online at and at specialty retailers across the country.

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