Sunday, July 15, 2007

Get Green and Clean: A Starter Kit for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

I am such a "green" mamma. For me, it didn't start with the new green trend but instead started when I moved into my very first place and found that my allergies went crazy when I used the heavy chemical cleaners and I would have to clean with every window in the house wide open to keep from coughing. When I started looking more more natural and organic cleaneres, there was very little available on he market. Today the shelves are starting to fill up with more eco-happy options to help you clean your house. (Although I still keep an ever-ready stock of Lysol spray that I use for everyday cleanups.)

Since many of the organic products available today are even new to those of us who have been seeking out natural cleaning options, they can make your head spin as you try to figure out what you really need. The starter kit from Get Clean can help you get a good basis to build upon -- and let's you test out some of the products to decide what you'll really use vs. what you'll stick to in the more traditional cleaners.

The starter kit comes in a household box of cleaning supplies conveniently packed in a single package to minimize excess packaging. Organic and natural cleaners are either non or low-toxic to minimize the chemicals and fumes released into your environment. They make it simple and explain how the products are equivelent to the cleaning supplies currently stocking up your cabinets.

Using the the organic options helps minimize the envirnomental impact and they claim that by using just one box of Get Clean cleaning supplies has the same envirnomental impact as planting 10 trees.

If you are interested in testing out organic and natural cleaning options, I recommend testing out the product line by Get Clean to help test the waters and see how these products fit your lifestyle.

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