Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Serena and Lily: Eco Friendly Paints in Kid Friendly Colors

I went a little eco crazy this spring. The time had come to tear out my very lived-in carpeting that had seen better days and replace it with something new. When we went shopping for that something new, I knew what I wanted -- bamboo floors for most of the house and organic cotton carpeting for the upstairs where my studio lives. My feet get cold during the cold Minnesota winters and I live most of the day in my studio / office.

I even got in an argument at Home Depot after I asked a flooring specialist where they had linoleum (a product made out of renewable linseed oil) and she pointed me at vinyl (a product made out of petroleum products). Yep, I was the crazy eco chick yelling at a salesclerk. To defend myself, the boys had been sick with respiratory infections for a month and the doctor said it was probably coming from the carpet.

Of course, once I replaced most of the flooring had been replaced something became very clear. I had to paint! Everything! Right now!! New floors make six-year-old painted walls look just a little too lived in

I wish I had found the new paints by Serena and Lily before I pulled out my brushes and rollers. Their eco-friendly, matte-scrubbable wall paints are designed for the kids rooms and all that kids can dish out. The paints themselves have low VOCs and are low order. After painting the entire house, I was dizzy from the fumes from the paint I had chosen at the local paint store. . Serena & Lily's colorful paint selections (we love the "Grass" hue feature above) also have low VOCs and low odor.

The colors are chosen from nature -- grass, air, chocolate, sun. The eco-friendly paint is perfect for baby and children's rooms since they are non-toxic.

I would have loved to have found their "grass" paint prior to painting my oldest sons room. He had selected an outdoorsy themed room and it would have been the perfect color.

Available at serenaandlily.com

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Jennifer said...

Love Serena & Lily's Low VOC paint. My favorite hue is the Serena & Lily Wharf Wall Paint -- which would be perfect in any room!