Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fall Sale Time at Old Navy: Up to 40% Off

One of my budget mom secrets is that I only buy one new outfit for each of the boys before school starts each year. They get a new outfit for the first day of school and I put off all other clothing purchases until after school commences. Everything goes on sale just after the start of the school year and I set my budget accordingly. This little trip usually allows me to buy nearly double the amount of school clothes for each child than had I paid full price.

One of the basic staples in my kids' closets are everyday play clothes from Old Navy. Right now they are busy stocking their racks with winter fashions and discounting all the summer and fall stock.

Some of my favorites:

Girls Short-Sleeve Hooded Dresses
Regular price: $19.50
Sale price: $10.00

Boys Quilted Hooded Jackets
Regular Price: $29.50
Sale Price: $20.00

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