Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dwell Fatboy: Beanbags with Modern Flare

A few weeks ago, we decided to implement a family movie night in which both mom and dad have to stop everything we're doing and cuddle up and watch a movie of the kids' choice. Everyone is loving the family time.

The only problem is that there isn't enough seating for everybody. We start out cuddled up and typically end up stretching out on the couches and the boys flop out on the floor on the extra pillows.

I decided to look for some seating alternatives that could be brought out as we need it and tucked away when we don't.

I found the perfect solution when I stumbled across the collaboration of beanbags between Dwell and Fatboy. These are definitely not the vinyl coated beanbags from my youth (although I do recall many hours curled up in my forest green beanbag ready the Little House on the Prairie series of books).

These huge bags are designed for some serious lounging in fresh modern designs. Your own little one can snuggle in for movie time, grab a good book, or use them for those imaginative story games that they dream up.

Of course, they have some of the same practical charm of yesterday's beanbags. They are created out of a practical and easy to clean nylon with a special coating that just requires a damp cloth to come clean.

Available at ModernSeed in two color options, chocolate and fuchsia.


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