Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Time to Give Yourself a Treat

I'm a pretty basic girl. My daily makeup routine is very minimalist. Considering that my daily activity typically involve trips to the grocery store, school drop offs / pickups, and my daily excursion to the gym, I really don't require much makeup. A little foundation, a little powder, and some lipgloss get me out the door.

I love the Candy Color Minderal Lip Stain by Treat. Full of soothing ingredients including shea butter and rosehip, it leaves your lips with the gorgeous stain of candy-kissed color.

Just a little bit gives a big impact and it lasts for hours without needing to reapply.

Jennifer Garner is also a big fan of the Lip Stain from Treat!

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Anonymous said...

I think i'll give it a try :) thanks