Thursday, January 25, 2007

Right Bank Babies: Making the Ordinary Exceptional

Some baby items are just not pretty. Everyday baby gear features lots of plastic, fabrics not created by nature, and color combinations that you only see on well -- baby gear.

Right Bank babies has found the ideal solution on turning traditional baby gear and transform them into baby luxeries. They have designed an amazing collection of covers that slip over traditional car seats and baby bouncers.

The carseat covers slip over most traditional 3-point and 5-point carseat with a shower cap design and come with a matching sun shade. The bouncy seat slipcover fits smoothly into your baby bouncer with a secure tie
and features a removable 3-pronged seat buckle. Both the carseat and bouncy seat covers are available in a selection of 28 fabric combinations and have leather trim around the belt openings for extra strength.

The best part -- they are completely machine washable. When its time to clean up the car seat just slip over the cover and toss in the wash!

Order online at Right Bank Babies or at select retailers today.

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