Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Svan Bouncer: Bouncing in Style

As a mom to twins, there is no better invention than the baby bouncer. A bouncer allows you to park at least one little one at a time and still keep them safe (especially with a dog, a cat, and a three year old on the lose!)

The Svan Bouncer takes the function of the standard bouncer and blends it with today's modern style. The standard plastic and bright colors has been replaced with bent birch and subtle tones.

The bouncer is adjustable for babies up to 30 lbs with a three point harness and an unlimited range of motion that allows you adjust the seat for the ultimate baby comfort. It is available in a varity of stylish colors that make it easy to blend into any home. You can easily add toys to for visual stimulation for your own little one via overhead loops.


Lori said...

What an ADORABLE bouncer! I love it!

P's Mama said...

I have the Svan highchair, I had NO IDEA they made this bouncer. I'm due in March with #2 and I am definitely putting this on my wish list. I'm so glad that these companies are finally figuring out that functional doesn't have to mean plastic primary colors.