Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Metro Mama Wrapping Baby in Bling

One of the products featured at the the Silver Spoon Hosts 4th Annual Dog and Baby Buffet over the weekend and grabbed up by celebrity moms including Tori Spelling and Shanna Moakler is the Bling MetroWrap by Metro Mama.

The MetroWrap merges the traditional baby wrap with that extra bling for the celebrity lifestyle. The simple design makes it easy to adjust and the lack of belts and buckles make the wrap extremely comfortable to wear.

Tori received their "Crown" Bling Metro Wrap which she proudly tried on for baby Liam. The bling collection combines the original wraps available in four neutral colors - black, sand, sage, or chocolate - and add that extra bling with an embellished peace sign, skull, crown, or dragon.

One size fits all so the wrap will adapt as your post-baby body shrinks and even fits dad. The extra bonus is that since a wrap is more like a piece of clothing than baby gear when it comes to wash time just toss it in the wash and wear it again tomorrow!

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